Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuning In For Yourself!

For those of you who have trouble checking in for yourself, there are a few steps that will help you. Here is the refresher course. First, go to a quiet place and clear your mind of any limiting thoughts or beliefs. Open up to your guides to give you information and your guards to protect you. Then, ask your question about what you want to receive the answer. Next, pay attention to all of your senses. Pay attention to what comes to you. It may be a word, phrase, picture or feeling. You may just know the answer. You might get a sensation in a specific part of your body that feels good or bad. You might receive the information as a binary response. There may have some other variation for the answer. You may see signs outside of you.

Ask that the information come through you in a way that you understand it clearly. You may ask for three forms of confirmation. It is vital that you all learn to check in with the information that comes through to you. We are going to phase out psychics as a profession because those doing this work, will soon need to do other work. You have it within you to check in for yourselves. Mankind is programmed with the ability to be psychic. It is innate to all of you. You just have different ways of receiving information. You just need to understand your way or ways of receiving information. You wouldn’t be reading this information if you were not drawn to it and at least trying to wake up and activate your abilities.

When you ask for the information, make sure you release any attachment to a specific answer. We have faith that you can do this process. If you get stuck, ask for help and we will grant you the help you require.

The Light