Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Path

You are each in your own process right now. The directions that come through you will vary. Pay attention and do what comes through you. Make sure you remove your ego from the equation because you don’t want to convolute the instructions so that you are only doing what you want to do versus what you need to do. Remember, you are able to say no but you are saying no to your life purpose and path. If you say no, then what you have asked for doesn’t happen.

The guidance that you receive is to direct you towards your life purpose and goals. Your teams are not telling you things arbitrarily. They are giving you the guidance to help you move towards what you asked help with. We are not saying if you don’t follow your guidance that you won’t get what you desire to be mean. This is just the way the system works. You ask for help creating something, your guides provide you with the steps and help required to manifest. Since things are accelerating, there is little room to play games with you and wait until you are ready to take your leap of faith. If you keep saying no, you may eventually have what you state you desire but that will depend on the changes that transpire.

Notice that we are asking you to receive from your guides directly and not from another human being. You may go to a psychic who gives you information but then you must check in for yourself to see if the information resonates with you. Again, move beyond your fear when you check in. There are many who are more attached to being right than being pure in their readings. There are other times where certain information is shielded for someone reading you because they are not allow to see what is really taking place. This will depend on who you really are and what your true pathway is. You always need to check in and see if the information is right for you not matter what comes through.