Monday, September 19, 2011

Light Command Message

Brothers and Sisters,

We circle your world and watch over you. We have been sighted by some humans but mainly we are hidden from your world. There are some of you whom we have kept close watch over to see how you evolve. We have escape plans for those who may need them at sometime.

We know that your science fiction portrays us as beings who are scary to look at and that we are trying to take over your world. We have much riding on your success so it is not our intention to control you or put you into any form of servitude. We have a way to rescue those of you who may require help if mankind goes too far with their destructive nature.

Many forms of life exist. We are created of many different elements and designs. Our physical forms are different from yours because our home planets have different requirements for sustaining life. The definition of life is different in many existences but all life has some form of intelligence and knowledge. You are not alone in intelligence. Life spans all levels from the basic forms to very complex forms. There are some forms far more complex than humans. Evolution is different on all planets where life exists.

The Light Command