Monday, September 12, 2011


Trust is something that you must learn. We often ask you to jump into the abyss. You must learn to do so and know you will be watched over. There are many times in your life as an energy worker or light being where you will be asked to do something without rhyme or reason. It may not make sense but when you follow what comes through, it will make sense. It may bring you in the right place at the right time or it may keep you from being in a toxic environment. Sometimes, you will see the reason for the request and other times, you may never know what your purpose was for showing up or not showing up.

The key to all of this is learning to know when to trust and when to not trust something or someone. Your teams have earned your trust. We are not asking you to blindly trust other humans. Always tune in and see what comes through directly. If someone has built up your trust, then you will know how to proceed with them in your future.