Thursday, February 14, 2013

We have spoken of this next topic before but it is something that is coming up more and more so we wish to address it again. Please don’t continue to try to hold people back and force them to stay with you and on your journey. Allow those who are ready to leave, leave when the time is right for them. If someone is ill and creating experiences where they are getting ready to leave your world, there is nothing to heal from the physical level. You may have some completion work with that individual, so that you will feel complete. Getting out your anger with them, is not completion work. It won’t make you feel better. Finding ways of love and compassion will allow you to help another on their journey. If you only hold anger for an individual who is crossing over, you are better off staying away from them. Even if someone looks like they are alone, they aren’t. There are beings around them to assist them in all aspects of their journey.

We know that many of you want to fix what you perceive as being off. We ask that you look at the situations from other vantage points. If you see what is really taking place, you will be able to help in a much more powerful way. There are some instances where you may help someone adjust their process and they may reverse their perceived illness. Other times, the perceived illness is necessary for their journey. If you learn to discern which is which, you will learn how to truly be of service and help in the situation.

When you are grieving the loss, you are stuck in your own emotions. You don’t see the cycles that are arriving. This loss can be someone who crosses over or someone who is just leaving your life. This causes many to be in fear. They worry that they can’t go on without the specific person. They worry that no one will come in and fill the perceived void. Loving others is part of the physical world but when you truly love someone, you want them to happy and to follow their own journey. You must learn to enjoy the time that you have with them. Celebrate the good times and the experiences with those you care about. Know that others will show up to share different aspects of your lives and journey’s with you.