Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If I had to leave you all with one message, it would be that finding your way to God or the Divine, in any and all forms comes from love. Anything you want to do or create needs to come from love. If people wanted to change the violent ways and seek peace, the answer comes from love of all life, all people and all that is. Know that each person is following their own journey. Each person must make their own choices for behaviors and actions. Eventually, everyone will find their way. No one is making anyone do anything. The choices and creations come from within the individual.

I hear a lot of people blame God for the state of the world. Many will wonder where God was, when great violence took place. God may be present in these moments but will not be seen, heard or felt because of the anger or sadness that people feel. We were given free will. So, each person is responsible for their choices and actions. Anytime that we want to change the world around us, the answer will be found in genuine and unconditional love.

I was meditating on life and what seems to be taking place right here and now. The answer that came through for true change was love. We can and will still have our feelings but nothing heals unless we truly find a way to put love into the equation instead of anger and hate. We are used to hate, anger and violence in the world. However, the true power lies in love. Look at anything that is happening around the world right now and then try to see what would happen, if people started loving each other instead of hating each other or trying to make someone into their own vision of what they think someone should do or be. The challenge is to shift your focus to love with whatever shows up and see if your life doesn’t change.