Saturday, February 16, 2013

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of violent behaviors where people go and kill many people. It seems like a growing epidemic. What can we say to the loved ones who have lost children, friends and family members in this violence?

Blessed ones,

We know that it is difficult for you to understand what is taking place. You see children who are killed in gun fire. You see children being abused, neglected and physically hurt. You see predators attacking your elderly. You often blame God for this behavior. This is not something that comes from God. This is something that comes from ego and a desire to inflict harm or pain on others. There might be soul agreements with the perpetrator of the crime and the perceived victims.

We know this seems awful to those who watch this behavior or get caught in the consequences of this action. If you can, step back and don’t get caught up in appearances. Ask what is supposed to be learned or gained from what has transpired? What changes need to take place as a result? Some would say you must force God on all people but you wish to impose a sense that God will punish those who do such violent actions. God does not need to be pushed onto those who choose to not believe in the energy of God. God comes from a place of love. Know that your loved ones who have crossed over are well taken care of and in a place of love. You who have been left on the earth may ask to have help to heal from your grief and sadness and help will show up. You may not see or hear the help but it is around you now and always. The loved ones will always exist in your hearts. We know this isn’t the same as having them with you physically. If they didn’t have certain life experiences, it is because it wasn’t for them to have those experiences in this lifetime. Each of you will leave your earthly forms at some time or another. When the order changes and the timing changes, it causes you to have difficulty being in your human forms. You are each in your forms for various reasons. The timing may seem off to you but it is always perfect. Those who have crossed over have their lessons to learn and those who remain have their own lessons to learn. None of this is designed to promote fear but give you a chance to tap into love. There are reasons for everything. You may just not understand the reason for what you are seeing here and now. There may be a time where this is made clear to you. You can ask for help in understanding what the purpose was and what you were to learn from the experience. See what comes through for you. Be patient and gentle with yourselves. If you are in the physical form, you are meant to continue to live in your physical form. Don’t be in a rush to move on and leave your physical form. You have work to do. Ask what that is and then proceed to do it.


Yahweh and the Light Keepers