Monday, February 11, 2013

Me: We have received messages about many who will be crossing over in the next year. How can we help those who are grieving?

Azna: We know that many of your world will soon be leaving, for various reasons. You know what happens when a soul departs its physical form. It is not dead and it will move on into another reality. Some will choose a life in the limbo zone. They will be existing in their forms and with their beliefs and fears, until they decide to release that existence and move into the light zone. Those who cross over will be greeted by their loved ones from their current life and other lifetimes. They will be healed of any form of human frailties or illnesses. They will see what they created and why. Then, they will be free to create and recreate from their new vantage point.

Me: How do we help those who are left behind and don’t understand the crossing over process?

Azna: Know that there is love around each being all of the time. When someone grieves, they are perceiving that they lost something. They are not focused on the reality that as one thing releases something else is created. We grant each being their time to mourn and grieve the perceived loss. Healing is available for those who choose to heal. Whenever someone is ready, we will help them heal. All they need to do is ask for help to heal from the loss. We also would tell them to not waste their life. Their time on earth is considered a great prize among spirits. You may each create experiences that no longer exist in non-physical forms. It is a great learning ground.

Me: That doesn’t help those who don’t understand the crossing over process. What can we help them with?

Azna: All beings do this process in some form or another. Many humans focus on fear of dying and not in joy of living. They worry about ailments or the process of death. This process is merely a process of shedding a skin that is no longer required. No energy dies. It just takes on another form. You are not loosing loved ones. You are seeing spirits graduate into other forms. This is a Divine blessing to come into your world and to leave it. Enjoy the time you have with each being. Be happy for them when they graduate from their human form. Enjoy each moment of your physical reality. We see the issue is that most of you don’t remember why you are on the earth and what you asked to experience. There will be a time where you will each understand the answers to that. As you shift your perceptions, you will know how to navigate as those come and go in your lives.