Friday, February 8, 2013

The path of spirit is not for everyone in the physical form. Some will play with this energy to various degrees. That is part of their own growth journey. You all know there are various stages to this form of growth. Those who are new to this way of being through their physical forms will seek out information. They will study with various “healers” or “teachers.” Some will move on to new levels of perceptions and some will stay at the levels of those whom they study with. As you evolve, you will find your own variations and pathways. Some of your perceived communities will try and keep you around them. Others will know that you need to move on and go where your spirit will take you. As you grow, you will soon find what is right for you and what is not in alignment. As you learn to search for truth within you, you will know how to progress. The keys to the kingdom have always resided within each of you. The kingdoms may vary but your kingdom is within you. Know this.

If you find a community and the leader is someone who holds much anger for others who do not do as the leader commands, you are most likely working with someone you wish to stay clear of. That doesn’t mean that someone can’t have a bad day and be upset. We are meaning those who would teach hatred of groups or others, while saying that they are spiritual or speaking to God. If you see the pattern emerging of anger and violence, stay away, unless you are drawn to their beliefs and this way of life. If that is something right for you, these messages won't make much sense to you. True alignment with God will always just be pure love for all.


The Godhead