Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don’t try and live the life of another. Don’t try and be what another wants you to be. Be honoring of who and what you are. Many would try and change who and what they are to fit in. That will no longer work. You need to be true to your own self and path. Those who belong with you will show up. Those who don’t belong with you, don’t belong with you and you don’t need to change to make them fit.

Many are in a belief that they must be busy all of the time and stressed all of the time. That doesn’t seem like a good way to be to us. You may be busy on your path or in your life but you must learn to be in the flow and learn to be present. You will get much more out of each moment. None of you were designed to fit into the cogs of society. You were meant to learn from your experiences and to bring your own personal gifts to the equation. You must first recognize your gifts to do this. Your gifts come from a certain flow within you. Energy must be free to expand and take its own shape.

Be true to who and what you are and your lives will flow much better. Never make decisions based on your own personal fears or the fears of others. Step back and feel the energy that feels good to you and is aligned with you. Then, make your decision. Don’t allow others to coerce you into doing anything. Simplify your ways and your life and it will be easier to find what is right for you.

Our hint to you is that your existences are not about how much stuff you collect and how busy you are. Each of you had your own unique path to partake in. When you follow your own path, you bring a smile to us.