Thursday, March 7, 2013

You are each unique beings. You are from your own composition of energy. So, when you try to create or experience something, it will have its own unique properties and ways of activating. You must each discover how you receive your information and you must also discover what is the energy you need to work through and from. You may find these answers in meditation. Allow the answers to come through to you and then experiment with what comes through. This makes more sense to you, as you learn to work with this.

Each of you is meant to have what you need for your life purposes. So, when something isn’t showing up, it is either because you don’t need it, it may not be time for it to show up or you are not using the energy that is your creation energy. Ask those questions and see what comes through to you. Timing is right when it is right and not before. So, be aware of this. Energy is aligned when it is aligned. You can’t force creations and hold a true benefit from it.

Many will claim that they are ready for something but in fact, they are not ready for it. Many will hold attachments to something or that it must be their way. This is ego energy. Open to the energy and see what comes through to you. Your pieces of the puzzle will avail themselves to you. Trust and all will be just as it needs to be.