Saturday, March 23, 2013

Expectations are a piece you all need to understand. You or someone else is expecting something to happen a certain way. Then, something happens to remove your plans and put things into a tail spin. How do you handle it? Some get really upset and won’t let go of their perception of what needs to happen. Others are able to adjust to the moment. There is a master plan, which often gets messed up because humans get into the ego need to control a situation. So, you may see how something needed to be in the flow or happen a certain way but some ego driven person makes a mistake or choice that is not aligned and outcomes change. Eventually, it all works out but there are twists and turns created that didn’t need to be there. Sometimes the twists and turns are exactly what needed to take place. You will know and feel the differences of what takes place versus what needs to take place.

You just need to step back for a minute and assess what needs to take place to know how to work with whatever needs to happen. You may still hold your focus on what is aligned and what you need to do in the moment and situation. The other pieces that show up may help you create a better boundary or refocus your energy as things come up. Thoughts and intentions hold a lot of power in what the course of your life looks like and your process. This is not about a right or wrong way. Attunement helps you work through whatever shows up.