Thursday, March 14, 2013

When someone is focused on money and accumulation of wealth and things, they are focused on the physical plane. They equate success and happiness to things and possessions. There may be a spiritual side to them but they are not focused on cultivating that energy. They are focused on the illusions of the physical existence. This can be in alignment with their reason for being on the earth. So, we don’t judge this behavior. It is just one way of being on the earth plane.

When people are focused on cultivating the spiritual self in the physical plane, they are not creating the opposite energy or poverty. Many believe that to be spiritual that you must be poor. That is not true. Those who are truly aligned with their spiritual journey on the earth plane will still have nice things and be able to manifest wealth but it is a byproduct of their creations and not the focus of the creations. The difference being is those on their spiritual path of creation will be happy and content with whatever they have. Their happiness and contentment is not dependent on things or proving to others what they have. They find enjoyment will each piece of life and each experience.

People who need the “best of everything” or the most expensive items are always focused on getting more without appreciating what they have. The thought process is different and the focus is different. There are wide spectrums and variations in people and their paths. Each of you must follow the pathway that is right for you. Just remember that not all people belong with you and you don’t belong with all people. Focus on your own path and desired creations and all will fall into place. There is no need to convince anyone of what is right for you . The only one in charge of what is right for you is you.