Sunday, March 24, 2013

Most humans focus on agendas, time management, bringing people together and creating a busy schedule. When you really look at miracles and amazing things that happen in your life, do they happen according to your plan or do they just happen in synchronicity? We would venture to guess that things don’t happen according to a specific schedule. They do happen when energy is aligned and energy aligns more powerfully when you are not working from a linear place of control. Give yourselves times where you don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time and have every moment planned out. How does that feel to you? Some will enjoy this exercise and others will feel stressed by it. Learning to fly and soar involves being present and in the moment. You all have it within you to create what you need. The light workers among you will not do your best work in a strict structure. You do your best work by showing up where you are needed and when you are needed with the intention of helping.

Know that each of you are on your own pathways and you will need to learn to navigate the physical plane in ways that work with your soul and the physical journey. There is no one size fits all. Let go of what is out of your control. Hold your intention of being aligned and see where new developments unfold.