Sunday, March 17, 2013

I was looking at how certain things upset me and I asked for clarity about why I was upset. The answer that came through was this:

There are two principles that are taking place here. First, you assume that something has power over you that doesn’t have power over you. Second, you are placing your focus where someone wants you to direct it but not where it needs to be. When something shows up look at who you are giving power to and see if that person or situation really needs the power or if you are just giving it to the person or the situation. Next look at your focus and the focus of those around you. Then ask what the focus needs to be. You see with clarity and truth, at that point. Many will divert our attention to what they want instead of what is important. We see this with commercials and ads all of the time. This is a form of manipulation to get us to do something or behave a certain way. As you learn to refocus to the truly important piece, your work and world will change. Allow yourself to step back and evaluate what you are responding to in all instances and then see what is the better focus for you to handle and be with the situation. It gives you your power back and helps you create more authentically.