Saturday, March 16, 2013

This message is for those asking for how to move to the next phase of their lives. It is mainly for the light workers among you.

Blessed Ones,

Release your need for more stuff and belongings. This doesn’t mean that you will no longer have clothes, homes, apartments, money and possessions. This just means this is not the focus of your lives and work. Be with others and help mankind out. Release your agendas and need to control others and things and force them to your will. Simply show up and be where you need to be and be open to the moments and experiences. Your work will come through being with others and knowing them through love and compassion. You release judgment of the paths of others and no longer need to fix anyone. It isn’t about what you do but what you are. Each being has a role to play in the development of mankind and your careers will come out of your natures and what is within you. Allow your inner guidance systems to lead you where you need to be and help you navigate situations once you are there.