Friday, March 29, 2013

Each life force is sent where they are needed. Some forms of beings incarnate in cycles and some are assigned to where they are required to be. You must learn to be in your form that was chosen or assigned to you. It is like your space ship to help you navigate the worlds and frontiers that you inhabit. Each spirit holds a piece of the puzzle. Each is working on their own set of values and principles. Each is playing a role. You know that consciously and unconsciously you play your role. But do you understand why? No! Most of you don’t remember the whys. Your map lies within your navigation of life and existences. Follow your heart and what you know and feel is right for you. Let your senses guide you through all that is forced upon you and within you. You feel your way through all that is. Much is revealed as time approaches for you to know and be assigned. If you don’t know and understand something, it is because it is not necessary. Trust what is within you now and always.