Thursday, March 28, 2013

The earth changes, people change, societies change. This is something that is constant. Some changes you like and others you feel challenged with. You were brought here to be here at this very time. There are many choices that you must each resolve to find what is aligned and right for you. Many are worked up with what is taking place. This is not something that you must concern yourself with. Most light beings find politics difficult to participate in because you are not here for such rhetoric. You have been placed here to help on a much deeper plane of reality. You hold the keys to how mankind may evolve and work through what is near and dear to their hearts. The physical form is merely a shell. It is not who and what you really are. So, look beyond appearances and see the truth that presents itself to you beyond what you are shown and perceive. Your senses are the ways for you to be near and with whatever is showing up. You are here for much more than you believe and are aware of.


The Doge