Friday, March 15, 2013

Replace fear with peace, love, compassion and light. Let all things be built upon that foundation. The tenants of mankind have been too long set on faulty premises. You have built a world based on fear and control through fear. It is time to replace that energy with love and compassion. Allow this change now and mankind will evolve. You will learn soon enough what is required of each of you. When you feel fear creep in, replace the thoughts with love and compassion. Let your light shine through each of you. None of you are meant to be lesser versions of yourselves. You are meant to be your best versions of yourselves.



I was talking with a friend a few days back and she was saying that we need struggle and conflict so that people will create competition with each other and then create new inventions. She expressed that if people were only coming from love that we would all be couch potatoes. These are faulty notions because people would still feel the need to create and develop new ideas. We would still feel the need to connect with others and engage with others. If we had the foundations of fear replaced with love, we would no longer view people as our competition or enemies. We would view them through love and support each person’s personal growth and experiences. We would help each other succeed instead of looking for ways to prevent others from blossoming. We wouldn’t need to harm anyone who was different from us because we would celebrate the differences and just love each other. We still wouldn’t feel the need to connect with everyone because we don’t belong with everyone. However, we would nurture all beings in some way or other. This would lead to the model of us each being our best selves, which is the true goal and can only help society and the world. We would no longer push agendas that were harmful for life on the planet and the earth. We know that children and adults thrive when they are surrounded in unconditional love and shown how to do their best. Changing the models we work from will create a different world. All signs point to the survival of mankind and the earth resting on us replacing fear with love.