Monday, March 18, 2013

We are getting ready for Easter and Passover. Since I am Jewish I was focused more on the purpose of Passover but this information also applies to the traditions of Easter. My question was why we practice the way that we practice the holiday.

Many religions have created ceremonies. The rituals are related to the sense of suffering. The focus is on the suffering. You see that your story of Passover is the Seder where you recount leaving Egypt and slavery. You have created dietary restrictions that make you identify with how difficult it was for the people to up and leave their country and slavery. However, you should be focused on the bravery and courage of your ancestors who left Egypt and followed a man into the wilderness to seek freedom and a new life for future generations. These same traits show up during the programs of Eastern Europe, the Inquisition of Spain and how many Jews were forced out of whatever land they settled in. There is an indomitable spirit of survival to seek a new and better way. This goes for any person willing to leave what they know in search of a better life.

In the case of Easter, people are focused on the death and rebirth of Christ but they don’t realize that they must each take responsibility for their own actions and the courage to stand up for your principles. It takes strength to follow your inner guidance. The focus here should be on great love and compassion for all. The man you celebrate was teaching love and compassion. He held no anger for those who were not ready for him and what he offered. This same fate followed Gandhi. He was killed because others felt threatened by him and what he represented. His last words were forgiveness. Look at all you have been taught through fresh eyes. Take away the important messages of courage and love.


Uriel and the Yahwehs