Wednesday, March 13, 2013

People have come into your world for many reasons. Some are focused on impressing others. Some are focused on how much wealth and possessions that they can accumulate. This is part of trying to impress others. You may enjoy possession on the earth but you have no need for this in other existences. Some of you are here to help others. Some of you are connected to your spirit’s needs and ways. Some of you hold various mixtures. One way is not necessarily better than the other.

It is far better to be who and what your are. There is no need to be someone who must manipulate others to get what you want. Trust the right people to appear. Trust your life to unfold. If you are truly aligned with your purpose, all will work out beautifully. You may not understand this in your physical form. There is no reason to fear any of this. Focus on peace, love and compassion. Learn to be with others without any agenda. See people for who and what they are and make your decisions from there. Always look for the truth and release those people and situations that are not aligned with your purpose and life. You will know what truly feels right.


The Godhead