Monday, March 25, 2013

If everyone has an agenda, what happens when you don’t resonate with the agenda of another? You see this happening over and over again. There are great conflicts among humanity because you are running into those people who hold different agendas from your own. You are each trying to manipulate others into meeting your needs and desires and doing what you want them to do or they are trying to get you to do what they want you to do. You have advertisers trying to get you to buy their products. You have bosses forming your day and what you must do for them and the company. You have a constant barrage of situations where you are being coerced into following someone else’s plan.

We have news for you. You are not here to follow the plans of another, unless you choose to. You are not here to force others onto your plan. In the course of working at a job for a corporation or for a boss, you are being paid to work for that person and to follow their agenda. So, you are creating a life where this is something you agree to do. There are many other agendas that you need to learn to step away from and assess what is right for you. Just because someone asks for something doesn’t mean you need to give it to them. Their needs will be met by those aligned with their needs. Remove guilt from the equation and release your stress. When you are clear and not stressed, you make better decisions. That will hold a better resonance for you and be in alignment with your goals and desires. You are responsible for staying in alignment with your journey. Each of you is responsible for your own journey.