Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I have been hearing the message lately to forget what I think I know. That there is much going on beyond what we believe we know. So, I asked a variety of questions and was just open.

Many will ask me the names of their guides. What came through was that some people have guides with names but many have guides who have no need for labels and some have collective forces working with them that have no need of a label. They say to know them by how they feel and the information that comes through. Those who are given names are not more advance than those who have no names for their teams or energies that work with them.

I asked about religion and was told that the tenants that they wish us to follow are peace, love and compassion. We should not put our focus to any other energies. They ask us to release doctrine in favor of peace, love and compassion. God resides in a higher vibration. Violence and anger is a lower vibration. So, if we wish to connect with God, we need to raise our vibrations and be honoring and loving to all life and all that exists. Each must follow what is right for them but if you truly wish to find God, you must raise your vibration.

I asked about what fuel is best and this answer will vary from person to person. So, you must find what your own body needs. The individual’s answers will come from some variation of real food. It will not be from synthetic creations but consuming products that are what they are meant to be.

Each of you may start formulating your own questions and find that the answers will come to you through your senses. Remember to ask for the answers in a way that you can understand them. Many things are about to change on a huge scale. So, it becomes imperative for each person to be able to pick up their own answers. It will serve you better than being dependant on a person to interpret your answers for you.


Ken and his group/team