Saturday, February 2, 2013

We realize that many of you, who have felt isolated, are looking for ways to be more social and be around others. This is a human need. We ask for your patience because we can’t have you around certain energies. We realize this feeling of isolation goes beyond what your human selves understand and value. However, we ask you to remember that many of you are not here for a human existence. You have been sent among mankind to help out from a different perspective and purpose. We may need you isolated so that we can help you shed the human perceptions and arrive at your true energy. This is a period where you are being readied for your real work and life purpose.

You will be able to process this phase much easier, if you ask if you are meant to work from a human perspective or if there is something else you need to work with. If the answer is not from the human perspective, then you may ask for the energies who you are supposed to work through to show up in a way that you can connect better. This information is for those who are really on light worker paths. The human world is not for you to intermingle with on various levels. Once you have regained your aligned energy insights, you will be sent out into the world to be of help in various ways. The energy coming forth from you will be kind, loving and non-judgmental. We apologize for the process feeling disjointed to you. It will make sense as you each evolve into your next phase. If this information doesn’t make sense to you or resonate with you, it isn’t for you. So, don’t worry about it. You each will be guided to what is the right pathway for you.


Yahweh and the Godhead