Saturday, February 9, 2013

Me: The other day, you mentioned that people were blocking certain progress or people on their paths. Why do they do that?

God: People block others from their paths and real work because of their fears and insecurities. They also block others because they don’t understand what they are doing.

Me: How do you remove their blocks?

God: It isn’t for you to remove their blocks. If you are working at removing blocks, you are expanding the blocks and adding to the energies of blocks. You must instead focus on your work and allowing it to develop naturally and easily. Watch how you phrase your thoughts. If you are aware you will notice that you are often expanding the opposite of what you are imagining you are working with. Focus on creating your life and purpose. The energy will shift.

Me: What about when other beings, not of this world, block our progress?

God: It becomes the same process. You might want to stop and ask if it serves you to be blocked but if it doesn’t, then you still focus on what your purpose is. The focus is open ended so that whatever needs to take place may form. You won’t feel blocked. You will feel an open feeling.

Me: So, the focus is to create the life in alignment with what we are here for?

God: Yes! That will allow you to dissolve the blocks of others and return to your work. It doesn’t change anyone or interfere with their energy. They will have all that they require. You will now know how to progress or be with whatever you need to create.

Me: What if we are the ones getting in our own way?

God: If that is the case, you must observe why you are in your own way. Once you clear that up, you will be free to move on. It usually goes to the energy of fear. You can be fearful of something and still move forward. It doesn’t need to stop your progress and development.