Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prepare thee for the shift that is about to be made with mankind. Humanity is about to embark on a major change the likes that you have not been aware of for eons. This is the beginning of a new age of mankind. Many of you will not notice this change or shift. For it is not your destiny to be part of it. Many of you will notice this shift and change for you are meant to be part of the changes taking place. There will be a split between those who need to stay as they are and those who are ready to move into another reality. Your light and energies will shift and evolve. You will notice that you have different abilities that will arrive and feel like you have always had them. You will find that you may need to step away from those you have been accustomed to being around. We ask that you stop putting your energy into things that you do not want expanding in your life. Stop focusing on the sadness of major catastrophes. We know this may feel difficult with the press plastering this information in your faces. To help shift the energy, you must stop programming this energy into your minds. Allow your focus to be on hope and awareness of what is good, kind and wonderful in your world. With what you are seeing, it may seem difficult but you will find there are many wonderful things that people overlook daily. Start to look for the good that is taking place. Look at the wonderful kind acts that people do daily around you. Focus on these types of things. You will start to notice that your lives do change and evolve. Just because someone decides you should only see violence doesn’t mean that you have to watch this energy. Mankind has spent much of its time telling you how awful things are and you all buy into that and expand it. Stop doing that and you can expand the good.