Friday, February 15, 2013

As long as mankind tries to dominate others, there will never be a victor. As long as humans try to impose their beliefs and ways on others, you shall never have real and lasting peace. It is not my desire that one specific religion or one specific group control specific land or other people. I would much rather that you all learn to get along and respect the rights of others. Violence will never solve your problems. Killing others for your perceived ownership of land will never make you a victor. Forcing someone to submit to your religion or perish will only separate you from me and my ways. You will notice that all of these behaviors are of the ego and devoid of spirit. Mankind must learn to share the earth with each other and all life that has been placed in areas of your world. You can peacefully exist with all life. You must learn to release the past and be in the present moment. You must learn to let go of your anger over perceived injustices. Who is right and wrong matters not because that is only a perception that people hold. It doesn’t mean that it is truth. You can instead offer help and love to your brothers and sisters of all faiths and races. You have choices about the type of world you would create. Now is a good time to begin.