Thursday, February 21, 2013

The laws of creation are simple. What you focus on, you bring into being. Free Will must be honored and respected. People will dispute this but we would hazard to guess that you are creating what the collective consciousness is focused on.

If you desire love, be love. If you desire more light in the world, be light. If you desire peace, be peace. If you desire compassion, be compassion.

We see much anger showing up but it is because many are programming themselves with anger and violence. Pay attention to the programming of the news, radios, music, books and movies you put into your head. You do not fight violence because then you become violence. You change the violence and anger by not buying into it and refusing to give it energy. Instead you commit to being what you wish to see expanding. Also, stop judging others and stop getting caught up into the illusions that you have taken to be reality.

The world is divided into those of spirit and those of ego. There are various mixes of this in your human forms. As you wake up to what you truly are, you will have the means to alter the perceived reality. It is simple. You only need to commit to what you wish to be and what you wish to expand. Remove anything from your life that is not aligned with your desired self. Each being must make their own choices of their own free will. Whatever you choose will be honored and respected. Just realize that you hold responsibilities for your own creations and not that of others.


The Light