Sunday, February 10, 2013

Me: I have noticed that there are many who are focused on reducing weight and we have a huge obesity epidemic. What can we do about this?

Yahweh: You find that weight issues are a product of societies that have bounty. Poor cultures will have starvation. This may seem like the extreme opposite issue but it is the same energy. The focus is on food or lack of food. You no longer view the food as fuel for your individual bodies. Those who have too much are focused on food or how to take weight off. Those who have too little are focused on food and how to get more of it. If you focus on how to cut the food, you are still in energy of too much. If you focus on how to gain food, you are focused on lack and not tapped into abundance.

Me: So how do we break the loop?

Yahweh: You break the loop by shifting your thought process. If you are obese, you must look at how this serves you. In some cases, you will feel that you are creating protection around you. The weight is safety. It creates a physical shield. You also stop focusing on your weight. You focus on other activities. You eat when you are hungry. You create better portion sizes. Look at your culture and how much food is advertised and all around you. It programs you to gain weight by just seeing so much around you all the time. Earlier cultures were focused on working and eating once finished. It was not the primary focus.

Me: What about cultures where they have famine or there isn’t food?

Yahweh: You will notice that those cultures are expanding the energy of lack. It is like a prize being withheld from them. So, it expands in lack. They are programmed with lack and visions of lack. It expands the issue. If they started imagining that food is there and easily grows in their soil, they will help add to the energy of recharging the soil to make it fertile. It may take some time because of the beliefs and what they see versus what can be. But, they have the ability to shift the bounty of their lands. You will also find that in many poor cultures, the leaders prefer lack for their people so that they can control them. This is similar to affluent cultures. They are over fed so that the leaders also have control.

Me: What about in affluent cultures where the poor are becoming obese because of what their families buy and feed them?

Yahweh: The families are being programmed to watch affluence and food around them. It feeds into the perception. When you focus on weight, you expand weight. You are not looking at reducing weight without creating weight issues. Shift the focus instead to health and vitality. Look at how to move more and align each to their true purpose. Weight will no longer be an issue for those in the spirit path. It will for those on the ego path who consider abundance and hoarding as the same energy. When you align and shift your focus, you shift the issues that arise and the outcomes.

Me: So, you are saying that the weight issue in America and other cultures is not because of food choices?

Yahweh: I am saying that the food choices and amounts are related to the programming of food that is always around you and available to you. You program that to be the primary thought. You need to change the connection and programming of food as the main thought. It is not like your ancestors that needed to focus on food each day all the time while they were hunting and gathering to stay alive. Now you have much around you and available. You don’t have to work so hard for what you have and get. Even your poor families are going after certain products because they want their children to have the perceived best. There are ways to feed your societies where they will maintain health and the cost will be much less. Most are not willing to look at that and go there. You have industries who perceive the need to sell more and more food so that they make money. You must each look out for yourselves and your families and stop buying into the fears of others.

Me: What do we do with that to change it?

Yahweh: You each must stop focusing on food all of the time and look at what fuels each individual body. Many plant proteins can be used to help feed the population and they will be healthy with those foods. Stop altering animals to be what they aren’t and stop feeding them items that they are not made to eat. All life must consume the fuel that feeds their bodies. Change your relationships to food. Eat foods that are as they were created and not modified to fit what your busy societies claim they desire. Find better portion sizes that work for each being and eat consciously. Your bodies are designed to get what they need from what is available. A variety of foods now exist but allow them to grow when it is the right time for them to grow. Don’t force growth of food items that are out of season. You will see how it shifts your cultures.