Wednesday, February 6, 2013

While people are in the limbo space and waiting for the shifts to occur, how can they help their evolutionary process?

Your evolutionary process will happen naturally. What you can work on is your focus and fine tuning your thoughts. Focus on what you wish to expand. Start canceling any negative thoughts that you might be putting out into the world. Don’t judge others. Allow each person to find their own destinies and paths. Those seeking a spiritual path are not superior to those who seek ego paths, they are just different. If you are holding beliefs that you are better than others, you are not coming from a spiritual perception. Just because someone says that they are spiritual or evolving, doesn’t mean that they are. You don’t need to tell someone that you are spiritual. If you are they will feel it and see it. Those who have to tell you who and what they are, probably are not what they are saying. Some of you may have romantic love partners on your paths and others may find that such relationships will hinder your process and work. Again, there is no right or wrong here. The only right or wrong is what is right or wrong for you and your individual journey. You are each here for various reasons and you know what feels right for you. There is no one in the spirit realm staring at you and judging you. If they are, they are still coming from ego. Guides and energies meant to help you, will not judge you, they will only offer help and suggestions to you.

When you do something and you know it was wrong, you must take full responsibility for what you have created and done. No one is absolving you from your behaviors. You must learn from it and do better. That is how you rectify situations. Evolution comes from learning from your pasts and the present moment and creating from what you have just learned to take into your futures. Each moment of life is a chance to do better. How will you utilize this moment.