Sunday, February 3, 2013

The question asked to us was about what happens, we presume, energetically to people who abuse drugs and alcohol? We observe that the energy fields around these people lower and become murky. This can happen with one inhalation of smoke or one sip of an alcoholic drink. As you continue this experience, you will alter your energy field so that your defenses are removed. This opens you for lower vibrational shifts to take place and it opens you up for lower vibrational beings who can come in and latch onto you. In the case of smoking, you are creating this affect with people who are around you and in your proximity. It is not as bad for those who are around you but it does affect their energy fields. Many think there is no harm being perpetuated but there is, people are lowering the vibrations of those who partake in this activity and those who spend time around them.

For those who are working on raising their own vibrations, we advise you to stay away from those people who are smoking, drinking and doing drugs. People who do this activity are going along the path that is right for them and they will attract those who belong around them. Those who seek something else, must choose to be around people aligned with their journey.


The Godhead