Sunday, April 15, 2012


There are many different levels of plans in existence. Those of egos try and force their plans on others. They try and control what others can and can’t do. It is a need for them to control and force their will into the mix. Some have the illusion that they are helping others on this path or way of creating. Instead they often get in the way of what needs to happen and what is part of the grand design.

There is a grand design way of creating where beings come here to follow a higher path. This path is part of the workings of many to help the soul come in and experience certain lessons. All spirits work out a plan that allows them to understand the physical workings and to add to the collective consciousness. When this plan happens, the soul is learning from the experiences and teaching the all that is. Don’t let appearances fool you.

There is also a level of light workers who are brought onto your earth to help out in the highest human potential level. These beings show up and provide service in multiple ways. There is no real life plan for these individuals because they are guided each step of the way and are brought where they can do the most good. These beings are given directions from the highest level or level required. It is easiest to throw these beings into a tailspin when working with those of the ego way of living. The light beings are the least understood among humans because their ways don’t fit into a control model. You will notice that these beings are showing up more and more because of what needs to take place among your earth now.

New models are being developed to act in accordance with your earth and world‘s needs. Many things are changing and you will notice there is a massive shift about to take place.

The Knowledge Keepers