Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shifting into the New Phase!

We have clearly entered into a new phase now. The way the messages had worked is that I would sit down and open to whatever wanted to come through to help people. I might ask about a topic or just be open. There were times that I asked specific energies to come through with comments or information and other times I just sat and opened to whatever messages wanted to come through. I wrote the messages ahead of time. For example, I am actually writing this on March 7. When I was writing the newsletters, all information stopped after the message for April 21st. When it came to the daily messages, all information stopped at April 21st. So, I am assuming something significant happens on that day, at least from their end. I have not been shown what that is or what that will mean in the terms of my work or how I can help those who read this messages. It feels like a new adventure awaits for many of us. I see changes globally and around the United States. I am still open to how I can help you who read this information.

I am looking at how to work with the shift that is taking place. My sense today is that it is a work in progress and that it is like a new museum exhibit being installed. There are curtains put up to block the work in progress. The main message coming through is to trust what is taking place and to know whatever needs to be revealed will be revealed at the perfect time. All we can do is be open and patient. As I know more, I will share more with all of you.



PS - I have been given messages up to June 3, as of this actual date. These messages feel different from previous messages but they are still helpful. There are currently newsletters scheduled until May 12 but they are different from previous newsletters. This piece has been teaching me to just show up and see what comes through and who wants to come through to help. From what I see, we are just in a new phase and the needs are different now for all of us. I will continue as the messages come through. I don’t know what the real plan is for the newsletters. My intention is to be of help to all of you, however my team wants to work through me.