Sunday, April 1, 2012


Dear Ones,

There are times where you will be doing something that you have done many times in the past and you get “no more.“ It could be going to a store that you have frequented but you can no longer go in there. There may be someone working there and you are not allowed to work with them. There are certain energies that will not match with you or fit with you and there is a time that you may not go any further with that person’s energy field.

You are looking for resonance to energy and you must be with the energy that resonates with you and where you are going or heading. The other person may be fine. You might have something that only certain people can touch or you may just not be in resonance with an atmosphere. This is a sign that you are evolving and your energy is going through a transformation. What you have done in the past is no longer okay. Subtle and not so subtle forces are now at work. Pay attention and you will know how to proceed.


The Knowledge Keepers