Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evolutionary Path!

There is an evolutionary path that is awakening in many of you. It is not a source path but something in your programming that is igniting now. You are each programmed to evolve or shift your energy. As this happens, you will notice that you can no longer do what you have done before and you must follow the new way. This is within each of you.

Many may choose to stay in the old energy and they will stop or prevent the evolution happening within them. Those who are meant to evolve must evolve. You have no choice. It is like trying to stop a butterfly from growing and becoming what it is.

This piece has nothing to do with money, work or any physical life piece. The evolutionary step is something that will affect what you are and who you are. Many humans are not on this path but those of you who know that you are here for something much more are on this path. It is just who and what you are. Know you don’t have to make anyone understand this. It is just within you.

Some of you may feel that you should force this or make it happen. If it is your journey, it will happen. There is nothing you need do about it. Just be who and what you are.