Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Healing Variations!

People think of healing as being returning them to their optimal health, well being and vitality. Variations in perceived health show up and people panic. Yet, healing comes from peace and love and learning from the experiences that reveal themselves. Understand and hold compassion for ailments. Greet them as a friend holding a Divine message for you.

Many use fighting terminology when something shows up in their lives that they don’t want. They battle cancer. They attack cancer. They won’t let cancer beat them. They then wonder why the process depletes them and becomes laborious. This concept may be used for any ailment or experience that you don’t like undergoing. What if you learn from the experience and send love and support to your bodies and their process? Try to open to the messages provided for you through the experience. You may still require surgery or treatments but try and alter your beliefs in the process. Many find the experiences are great teachers for them. Focus on love of yourself and love to yourself. Alter your thoughts and beliefs and see what changes may result from this shift. Your body is not letting you down. Your body is advising you on a new path and potential.

Your bodies are constantly changing in each life stage and experience. When this takes place you need to adjust the way you are in your world. Many experiences are presented as wake up calls to help you refocus on what is truly important to you and what matters most. You have asked for great teachers and you often receive lessons in many forms. Know that the creation system is based on love. If you look at each piece as a gift of love, how does it change your experience?