Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Does Your Energy Go?

Pay attention to where your energy goes. Are you feeling productive? Are you feeling that something is keeping you from being productive? Look at where your energy is going. What feels right and what just acts as a drain on you? Pay attention to this. Focus on what supports your goals and aspirations. You want to place your energy on those areas. Eliminate or minimize activities or events that keep you from accomplishing your goals and aspirations and focus on what feeds those goals and aspirations.

Many of you have fallen into the trap of allowing energy stealing events to take your focus because you were waiting to see where you could be of service. Now is the time to release activities and connections that are not in alignment with you and for you. You are being prepared for your real work now. You must be free to just go and do it. So, start releasing whatever doesn’t work for you anymore. You will be surprised how much energy you have after you work on this process.