Monday, March 12, 2012

Release Those Who Don't Belong with You!

Many of you are concerned that if you let go of those who need to leave your lives that you will be alone and not have anyone replace those people. You are not trying to replace anyone. You are striving for an authentic life. As you grow and evolve, you must allow those who no longer fit to leave so that you may attract those who do belong with you. As you connect more and more to who you are authentically, you will attract other people into your life. You are looking for those who enjoy being with you just as you are. You are looking for people who allow you to be who you are and don’t try and control or manipulate you. You also want to stay clear of anyone who tries to make you feel bad or guilty for being who and what you are.

You are looking to surround yourself with those people who help build upon your life. You each feel connected and feel a sense of belonging together. You complement each other’s gifts and talents and create space for each other to grow. Pay attention to your sense and you will understand when it is time to let someone go and create space for others to enter you life. The only being who will travel your whole life with you is you. Others come and go in your life. Enjoy those who are with you, while they are with you.