Saturday, March 3, 2012

Serving Humanity!

Blessed Ones,

We know that many of you are really looking for ways to serve humanity. You perceive that you are here to fix things and that you have learned to communicate with other realms so that you are better equipped to handle things than those whom you might assume you are here to help. If you had to hazard a guess is this an ego perspective or a spiritual perspective? That is right this is about your ego and not coming from a place of spirit. Mankind has been taught by spiritual (religious) advisors who often come from ego so it is confusing for you to discern how to be with others. We are asking you to truly come from a place of spirit. From this place there is no ego or no need to fix or change anything.

You have been placed on the earth to be of service. This is not service from a human perspective but from a perspective of wherever you come from originally. The philosophies are quite different from this place. Mankind has many different paths that they may take. You are not here to interfere with free will but to assist where you are called to assist. If you are asked for help or guided to show up, just show up and be open to how you are needed. Your world does not need any more beings intent on judging others as lacking. Each being is programmed for certain experiences and they are creating scenarios to help them with those experiences. This is not something that needs to be changed altered or fixed.

We have been silent for too long with many of you so you have forgotten your work or assignments and we will endeavor to do better with helping you out with your real work. Realize this is different from what humans perceive. We will work more diligently with you to help you move past this now.


The Godhead