Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remember What You Truly Are!

To those of the light, you must remember who and what you truly are. Start by tuning into the light. Open your pathways to hear, feel, see, know what you are and what your true destinies and pathways are. You are not meant to compare yourself to any others of your world. You are only tuning into this for your own self.

Next, ask those you work with to align you with your true self and to help you self-actualize your energy and power. We use the term power because many of you are a light source. You can substitute your gifts for power, if it makes you feel more comfortable. You are energy and your energy is meant to shine and radiate. You have no need to change, fix or alter your earth in any way or form. You are not here to alter anything from a conscious level. Much change will appear just by you being here and now.

We are of peace and love. So above all remember this. When you find yourself angry or incredulous about what is taking place outside of you, remove yourself of that energy. You are not to add to the violence or out of control energy. Now is your time to learn to shine. You can’t shine if you get caught up in energy that is not for you. This concept also applies to spending time with those who are not meant to be with you any longer. You are also not passing judgment on those who must leave you or disconnect from you or you them. Let them find their own way and path. They will find their way so don’t allow guilt to cloud your judgment. Trust what must now take place.

Love and Light,