Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being Names

Dear Ones,

There are times when you hear the name of some energy working with you and then you feel the need to change the name to reflect the name of some more well known energy. Just because literature has not mentioned the name that comes through, it doesn’t mean that the energy is less powerful or magnificent. Even in history, mankind has changed our names to suit them or to make someone seem more important. The first time an energy showed up to any of you, there was a transference of energy to that person from the energy showing up. Each being who comes in to assist you is perfect. There is no reason for you to change our names to fit an ego need. Many of us have no need for names or labels.

There have also been times where someone changes an energies name because someone else corrects the name that came through and makes the receiver feel like they must have been wrong about what they received. Trust whatever you pick up. Don’t try and make it fit into anyone’s perceptions of right or wrong. Also, don’t get caught up on what scriptures say is good or bad. You will know the true energy as they come to you. If the energy feels loving and supportive, you know it is a force of light. If the energy degrades you or you feel off when they are around, you will know that the energy is not something for you to work with. Your true energies will never tell you to harm another or play to your egos. They will know that true light work is not about ego but about services to many realms. Pay attention to what you pick up and utilize all of your senses. If you truly wish to know the names of the energies working with you, be open. We are not human so our names are not going to fit human expectations. Many of the older names were to reflect the languages that they were communicated in. The name was more of a description of the energy. Sometimes, an energy with no name will come up with a name to help you feel more comfortable with them. We don’t view our names as important and your realm does.