Sunday, March 25, 2012

Focus on Light!

Those who are light workers need to start focusing on the light. Envision the light around you and within you. Allow the light to radiate beyond you and out into the world. You are not projecting this light to others or trying to control this light. You are only drawing it around you and within you while it attunes you. Light radiates and that is what it will do naturally. Awaken the light within you and allow that to radiate.

We know in the past people have been taught to send energy or love or some variation there of out into the world or to people but that is now shifting. When you are doing the technique of sending energy to others, you are assuming you know what is best for them. Many of you use this as a form of manipulation because you have intentions of how the love will change or affect others. All manipulation of others must stop. All control or force must stop. You must all work on yourselves and create your own paths. Be love, if that is what you desire.

Light workers are not sent out into the world to fix others. You were placed in the world to Be and not do. Your work is light. The color of light that is innate within you might vary. Work on being that light and energy. Most of your work happens when you show up where you are needed. Healing takes place when you touch people without any agenda and you show up. This is not the old paradigm. This is about creating authentically and being new.

There is still plenty for each of you to do but it must come organically and not by force. First show up and then see what evolves from that. Don’t try and figure it out or control it. That is not your job or work. Show up without agendas. Be in the flow and work organically.