Thursday, March 29, 2012


When you are doing a reading for someone and the information isn’t accurate, it could be because you haven’t received permission to do the reading. You may assume you have been granted permission but that doesn’t mean you have. When you try to read someone or some situation affecting another person, you can’t assume you have a right to see what is taking place. When you try to force the information through, you may receive something but it won’t necessarily be accurate and you may also be energetically psychically attacking the individual or group to force the information through. Many psychics have used this technique for centuries but it doesn’t mean this technique can continue.

Each person needs to have their own path. You are not granted the right to read them just because you think you can. There are some on a path where it is not appropriate to read them. There are some you may read but they must be open to your reading and it must feel and be right to do so. Check in first and see what comes through. Ask for permission to receive accurate information for them. Your team will tell you if you are granted that permission. Also, look at your motivation for receiving the information. There are many levels you need to seek approval before you will be given the right to receive the accurate information now. Readings are not meant to be a game. You are entering into something that is very sacred and creates a need to assume great responsibility.

You now know better and must do better.