Sunday, March 11, 2012

Your Path and Authenticity!

Brothers and Sisters,

You are not needing to follow the path of any other being. Your path is your own. You are your own unique individual. Your world is not about conforming to what others would have you be. It is about utilizing your own gifts and talents to create a life that allows you to thrive. You often wonder what your purpose is but you have talents that point you towards your purpose. You each have unique gifts.

When you try to emulate another or try to force change on yourself, you are negating that you are a unique being who has much to offer. You will always be a much better you than an inferior copy of another. Source what is within you. Strip away conditioning of others and trust there is something magnificent there. Look at what you do effortlessly. Look at what you really feel connected to. That will guide you towards your futures. Be yourself. If someone doesn’t resonate with who and what you are, it is not for you to change but allow those who need to leave to leave. There will be people and support for you. You just may be looking in the wrong place for the support. People will come and go in your life. Allow this to happen. When people leave, it opens up room in your life for better fitting people. Don’t be in a rush to replace those who leave your life. Let it be organic. Show up where you are drawn to be and always be your authentic self.