Monday, March 26, 2012

Direct Guidance

Pay attention to what comes to you directly. Follow the directions you receive and don’t focus on convincing others of the validity of what you are receiving. You don’t help others by trying to fix them or by trying to control them. They only resent you. You are in essence trying to take their power from them. In this new phase each must take responsibility of their own lives and behaviors. You may help others by guiding them in their creation process but they must do the work.

The watchword of this time is authenticity. You must value what is within you enough to allow it to guide you. You are part of the all that is but the physical gift is that you have solo journeys, which bring back to the collective much information and experiences. Your world is not about your link to all that is. That link comes from your other forms. Enjoy the sense that you have by just being who and what you are. Don’t assume you know what is best for another. Allow them to discover that and honor them enough to respect what they need to pursue, value and experience.