Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starting Fresh

A time of new beginnings is unfolding for you and with you. This is a time to start fresh and clear away any of the old remnants that no longer serve you. If you have been doing your work, you will understand who you are better and you will know when something doesn’t feel right for you.

If a relationship seems off to you, it is. Trust what you pick up. You will not attract what is right for you on any level, if you are holding onto energy that no longer fits you or belongs with you. If you are in an environment that no longer feeds your soul, you must be open to moving or creating and environment that does feed your soul.

The first step in change is recognizing what is working and what is not. You don’t need to know what does work for you, at this stage. You do need to release what doesn’t work. This will create space for something new. Each experience teaches you what is right for you. You get to choose and make the choices.

There are times where something may feel wrong for you or create a lot of stress but something within you guides you to stick it out. This is because you are learning something valuable in this experience. When this happens, you will feel an inner guidance to stick it out. If something is just off for you, you will feel an inner guidance to leave the situation. So, pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you. Cultivate your intuition and trust what comes through. It will serve you well.

The Godhead