Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let Go Of What Needs to Be Released!

Many light workers and energy workers will stay in relationships past the time for them to stay. They do this because they have good hearts and don’t like to hurt others. However, when this is done, you are not looking at how that will hold you back from what you really need to place your attention on. You spend energy trying to be there for others who don’t belong there with you.

Learning to release these relationships will help you free up your energy to where it needs to be. Releasing someone doesn’t mean that you are saying that they are a bad person or you are labeling them as lesser. It means that the relationship has run its course and you need to let it go. When you release those who no longer belong in your life, you free them up as well as yourself. They get to be who and what they are and so do you. You free yourself up for what does belong in your life. It may hurt at the time but it ends up creating a win/win situation. So, when you feel any relationship has run its course, let it go. You might be surprised to see how much energy that connection was taking from you.

You are looking to create relationships where you are feeling empowered and your best. The others involved should also feel empowered and their best. If you feel drained from someone, it is time to let them go. If you find you need to spend some time together, minimize that time. Pay attention to how it feels when you are not with them versus when you are with them. Releasing the energy of drama trauma will free up your energy to do much more.