Thursday, March 1, 2012


We have been researching humans for eternity. You have evolved in some methods and modes and refused to grow in others ways. For instance, you are committed to ways of fear but you reject full on love. You find it difficult to believe that God loves you all so deeply. This love does not include judgments on your ways and behaviors. No, this is just pure and complete love for all of you. There is no room for hatred in your world. Hatred has a way of limiting possibilities and it only focuses on how to control and manipulate others. Many of your world consider gay marriage an abomination but it is not so. No soul is male or female. They are two forces coming together in love and a bond of fellowship. This is not something we would admonish you for. Some areas find this same problem with cross races coming together. We prefer that spirits find someone who is at a similar stage of life to them and on a similar path for convenience and a more harmonious life.

You must all do a better job of looking out for each other. Your ways of negotiating something only because it pleases you is not a way of looking out for what is good for others. Learn to be considerate of others and kind to all. Allow each to find love that suit’s the individuals concerned. Any loving relationship must work for all involved in the relationship. A bond of love must be entered into willingly and by consensual adults. If this bond is entered into by adolescents, it must be consensual without coercion. Each party must understand what is expected of them and done in a place of respect and honor of each other. When you choose to be in relationship with another, it must be from love and respect of each other. No being shall overshadow another to force their will on him or her.

If you find that something is coming from fear stop and readjust it from a perspective of love. Notice the shifting that takes place from here. You are altering the fabric of your lives and world right now. Let’s go in the direction of the true design and that is through love.