Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Be Who and What You Really Are!

To those beings who have come here for service, know that you are not human. You may be from some other form of existence and that form of existence is not related to humans. You were granted human form to be able to fit in or appear to fit in. The earth ways may feel strange to you and not fit with your inner workings. You must not feel the need to change to fit in. For your true purpose is not related to humanity. You have been put here to work for those who sent you here and that is where you must gain your guidance on how to be and what to do. We watch over you closely to help you.

You feel a sense of struggle on the earth because you are thinking that you are here as a human in this current world. As you learn more about who and what you truly are, you will be guided more on your path and it will not be from a human perspective. It will be aligned with your true nature. That is why we often ask you to connect to your authentic self. That will help you navigate your earth life better than anything else that you can imagine. You are not here to blend in any longer. That served a purpose to keep you alive but once you gain connection to your true power and core truth, you will no longer need to blend in. Your work and purpose will guide you and you will be able to be of greater service to all you are sent here to help. You are here to usher in peace, love and harmony but you must also always respect free will of others. Know your tasks are not simple. They are perfect for you. It comes from love and a need to serve others and your true essence.