Saturday, March 24, 2012

Open To Answers that You Seek!

Allow answers to come to you. You work very hard at finding information or trying to be perfect. Be who and what you are. Be open to the energy that is coming to you. When those of you who do psychic work seek the answers for your clients, you are working harder than you need to. Open up to the energy and the answers to come to you and through you. Try to stop imposing answers or information on others. Allow the energy to come. Open and attract answers.

This thought goes to those of you who are cultivating your own intuition. Be open. Awaken your senses and then allow the information to flow to you. Receive the answers and give your teams feedback when the information isn’t clear. You may ask for the answer to come in various ways. You may also let your teams know what you would understand as being their answer. Work on giving feedback to those energies that give you information. There may be a time where you don’t need the specific mode of information for the answers. When you get the signs you are looking for trust them. If you ask for something and then are given it, say thank you and trust what you are picking up.